Two creams, one that contracts the vagina and another that heats up and increases the pulsations of the vaginal region, usually pleases women who are difficult or want to have more orgasms. The soapy soap is also another sales success because it can be used by both. Vaginal pellets, which are filled with a gel that increases sensation and should be inserted into the vagina before penetration, are also highly recommended by those who have tried. If you still have not heard of this product, say hello to sex creams.

Technology hand in hand with pleasure

The recently released arousal cream Play O, cream made by the company of sexual products Durex that promises to increase the quality and, mainly, the amount of orgasms during the relation. According to research by the Kinsey Institute, only 32% of women have orgasms frequently, and no product or drug released to date has proven effective in increasing female pleasure. This arousal creamis an excellent option, because it does not make body parts warm or cold, instead it prolongs the orgasms.

Unlike other creams available on the market, Play O arousal cream does not work as a lubricant or contain substances that heat or cool the genital area. The product, according to Durex, should be applied only to the clitoris and is composed of a combination of vitamins and L-arginine, an amino acid that according to scientific studies done by the University of Stanford in the US, can help increase pleasure in women because it has a mechanism similar to that of drugs that fight against erectile dysfunction. Research conducted by the company with 500 women who tested the product indicated that 72% of them had orgasms in all relationships, and that the orgasm time increased from 20 seconds to 100 seconds on average. Read more.

Picking the right sex creams for you

However, before going after a friend on a trip to England, to get your very own sex creams sexologists assert that there is no point in using such a product if self-esteem, security and self-image about sexuality are not well-resolved. Female pleasure does not happen in a linear fashion as in men. For them, it is a basic mechanism of arousal, desire and orgasm. They may feel wanted, aroused, lubricated, enjoying sex, and never having an orgasm if they are not so head on at the moment to enjoy it.

The woman who does not know her body well and does not know what she likes or wants in relation to two will hardly have an orgasm. Both men and women are responsible for one’s own pleasure and pleasure. The greater the intimacy and trust between the two, the better sex life will be – the doctor believes. He recalls that sometimes their orgasm does not happen because of physical or psychological problems. In these cases, nothing better than a good chat with the partner and an appointment with a specialist before actually making use of any orgasm cream. Check out this site: